View a listing of all Purchase Contract information, such as delivery end dates, units received, units remaining and current contract status.


Optionally choose the Disposition from the drop-down, enter a date range, and/or choose the Commodity(ies) to display in the grid.

Purchase Contracts

The Contracts page displays a list of Grain Purchase Contracts for the selected Commodity. Settlement Contracts for the selected Commodity are grouped by Disposition. Search and filter Purchase Contracts using the Search field and/or Filters button at the top of the page. Search by Contract # or Commodity.

Each Disposition displays the number of Settlement Contracts for that Disposition, the Total Contract Units, Total Undelivered Units, and an option to View Contracts.

Selecting View Contracts displays the Settlement Contracts for that Disposition with additional details such as the Contract Date, Contract Units, Undelivered Units, Delivery Start date, and Basis.

Selecting the Ellipsis to the right of the Settlement Contract displays options to View PDF, Download PDF, or Sign PDF (for Settlement Contracts pending signature). If a PDF is not available, please contact your retailer.

Selecting Hide Contracts on the Disposition line collapses the list of associated Settlement Contracts.