View a listing of all product Invoices. This includes both paid and unpaid Invoices.


Use the Search field to search by Invoice #, Control #, Field or Invoice Status. Using the Search field filters the data down by matching results.


Data can be further filtered by selecting the Filters icon next to the Search field. Filter by Invoice Date Range to display results for Invoices with an Invoice Date within the selected date range or Due Date Range to display Invoices with a Due Date in the specified range. The filter can be used in conjunction with the Search feature.

Select the Calendar icon and choose a date from the calendar that displays or select in the Date Range fields and key in the desired start and end dates. Choose Apply Filters when done.

The filters selected display below the Filters button.


  • Invoice # – This is a unique identifying number assigned to the Invoice.
  • Field – This is the Field to which the Invoice was applied.
  • Invoice Date – This is the date listed on the Invoice. This can be the date the product was purchased or the date the Invoice was entered.
  • Due Date – This is the date payment for the Invoice is due.
  • Original – This is the original total dollar amount for the Invoice.
  • Unpaid – This is the amount of the Invoice which has not been paid.
  • Status – The Status indicates whether the Invoice has been Paid or remains Unpaid
    Note: If an Invoice has been partially paid, the Status will be Unpaid.
  • Discount – If a discount is applicable, the amount of the discount will display here. Hovering over the blue tooltip provides the discount amount and expiration date.
  • Eye Icon - Select the Eye icon to view additional Invoice details, including products, Unit Price and Quantity, Split%, Tax, and Prepay.
  • Ellipsis – View or download a copy of the Invoice by selecting the Ellipsis icon. This contains additional details such as products listed on the Invoice, account information, and Invoice comments.