Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I log out of Grower360?

A. Select the User drop-down and choose Signout.

Q.  What do I do if I can't remember my password?

A.  The following video provides a brief overview on how to reset your password.

Q.  How do I opt out of email notifications?

A.  To opt out of all email notifications, go to the Settings menu item and turn off the Email Notifications toggle for the desired email account.

Q.  How do I download full invoice, payment, and other transaction documents?

A.  Selecting the Ellipsis icon on any transaction line allows for the option of viewing or downloading the full PDF of the transaction. If the PDF is not available, please contact your retailer.

Q.  How do I make a payment?

A. Select Explore on any of the Balance cards on the Overview page or select Payments from the left navigation. From there, select Make a Payment. Additional instructions can be found here.

Q.  How do I run the Volume Statement?

A.  Navigate to Statements in the left navigation. Choose Create Report and specify the date range. Then choose Run Report. Please reach out to your retailer if a PDF is unavailable.

Q.  How can I export the Products list?

A.  Navigate to Products in the left navigation. Apply any necessary filters and select Export. A CSV file with the Product Description, Quantity, U/M, and My Share will be downloaded.